Refer FOUR friends and unlock millions of rands in royalties.

We invite you to be a Book Referrer, get cash for doing something that comes naturally to all of us, recommending products or services to people you know, and those you just got acquainted with. At Grow Big we have developed a world class system, that will reward you for referring.

To get started, take 3 easy steps…

1. Register on-line right now, it’s FREE, use the link of the person who referred you.

2. To ACTIVATE your distributorship, buy an e-book or physical book from Grow Big Publishing . When payment is received, your status will be activated and you will be sent a unique code that allows you to download the book to your smartphone or tablet. In the case of physical book, your book will be sent to you by DSV couriers or by an Area Distributor who is your Team Leader.

3. Refer 4 or more friends, colleagues or relatives using a referral link you received when you registered. They also go through step 1 to 3, it is as simple as that.

You earn R100.00 for everyone referred by you. So when you refer FOUR, you will UNLOCK more money and would have recovered your intial money paid when buying the book.

Earn even more, when your friends and their fiends refer!

You start, as Book Referrer.

We encourage you to refer 4 people who buy the book in Week 1,  you will earn R400, then you unlock to be Royalty Earner.

You earn a Royalty of R15.00 for every book referred by your friends and their friends.

You earn up to 9 generations down. For example :-



You will get paid EVERY MONDAY as long as there is a minimum of R200.00 in your royalty earnings.

All you have to do is to refer 4 or more and teach them to do the same!

If you are really slow, you can replace “Weeks” by “Months”

All stated earnings are for illustration purposes only and depend on you and your team.

All the statistics and earnings above is available for you to see, when you log on your member area on our website.


Costs of processing payments to international clients will be paid for by the recipients


What happens when you refer more than 4, the 5th member onwards becomes a spillover.

Spillovers are placed randomly by a computer program to the next available spot in your network.

Spillovers will help your business to grow very fast.

For example, if you sign the 5th person, they will be placed on the next available spot on the 2nd level.

You will earn a R100.00 plus a royalty of R15.00, the person who receives the spillover will earn their royalty too,

only if he/she is a qualified Royalty Earner.

NB. Spillovers are a nice feature in the program, however we still need someone who wants to benefit from them to do a bare minimum of personally referring 4, that eill then unlock Royalties and earnings from spillovers up to 9 levels down.

The secret is :-
1. Choose 4 or more go-getters, people who want to succeed in life.
2. Teach and coach them to unlock too, by referring 4 members!
3. Keep add adding more people to effect Spillover! 

When everyone in your team follows the above 3 steps, you will earn serious money very quickly. There is no limit to what you can earn, as it is illustrated on this website.

No one looses in our distribution program as each member gets a valuable book, a book that is sure to change your circumstances!



Some basic rules to note :-

1.Your membership expires after one year, pay R200.00 to renew your membership.

2.All income due is available for a member to see by logging on this website using username and password. 

3.Royalty income accrues and is payable to you the following Monday once it reaches a minimum of R200.00.

4.There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can refer to buy our book and there’s no ceiling to how much you can earn. 

5. All payments and incentives are paid to ACTIVE members only.


*Results vary, depending on individual and team effort.


All I can say is, “Where has this book been, while our people have been at the mercy of ponzie scheme- amabhanoyi?” We need such practical teachings of how one can create wealth without gambling with their hard earned money.This book has been an eye opener and I mostly appreciate the fact that while I am gaining knowledge, I can chat to others about it and as they grow their knowledge I earn. A job well done to Wandi! – Nonhlanhla Gcabashe, Durban.



Here is a strategy that some people are using to guarantee earnings from our programme.

Like in many network businesses, the hardest thing is to duplicate, that is making sure that your recruits do exactly what you do.

Well here is an answer to that, you can sponsor FOUR friends on condition that they will sponsor their four, we call it, The Pay it Forward strategy.

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. The concept is simply an act of doing kindness to others and you ask in return that they do the same to others.

A Grow Big Referrer can use as a strategy Pay it forward concept to empower others and ask them to pay the kindness forward. 

Combining this concept with our compensation plan will yield SURE results within 9 weeks or 9 months. 

This is how you can apply a Pay it forward concept to your business :-


Select FOUR friends you trust, people you have ascertained that they have a hunger for success, your friends or colleagues . People who face the same struggles as you do but are willing to do something to get out of their situation in order to gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM. People who want help but are willing to help others in return. 

Offer to pay for their Grow Big registration which include a book, Turn Your Monthly Expenses Into Monthly Income. This will cost you 4 x R395 = R1580, pay this amount into Grow Big’s account, send proof of payment to

The only condition for you to pay for them must be that THEY TOO must pay for their FOUR friends in the next round, next round being next week or next month.


Register your Pay it Forward team members as Grow Big referrers, using your referral link. Grow Big will despatch their books to you, so you can hand them over to them, and making sure that they are also getting ready to pay forward the kindness to FOUR of their friends. In other words you need to ensure they follow Step 1 and 2, the same way you did. In that way they will have honoured the commitment to pay it forward to their FOUR friends.


We know that this will work for you much quicker, everyone who works this way will earn the following amounts in weeks or months

Week 1 R400 

Week 2 R240 

Week 3 R960 

Week 4 R3840 

Week 5 R15 360 

Week 6 R61 440 

Week 7 R245 760 

Week 8 R983 040 

Week 9 R3 932 160 

A total of R5 243 200 is guaranteed and payable to every one that strictly follows this approach, the positive spin off is that you would

have made it possible to empower many people with a life changing book, Turn Your Monthly Expenses Into Monthly Income.

You can do this, it’s a one time investment of R1580, you are empowering four of your friends.

We also know you have FOUR friends who are go getters like you, they too MUST sponsor others in return, just like you did.

Pay It Forward


For FOUR Books



Make sure you have FOUR go-getters. People you are not going to have to push to participate fully in this initiative.

The four people you decide to “sponsor” should be willing and prepared to do this for the top four prospects (who have a disposable income of R1580). When this is replicated, you will make all the respective nine stages in a very short period of time.

This is only a strategy, those who cannot raise this amount right away, may just do the “standard” way of everyone buying for themselves. They will still grow, but not as fast as the Pay it Forward Team Strategy.