Fortune Destiny is a Multi level Marketing system that is combined with a Peer to Peer which means there’s no central account, the money circulate amongst us

there are 3 different ways to make money here, firstly you create an account and verify on your email then after login you will be given 3 sponsors to pay✔

Sponsor 1 you pay R200✔

Sponsor 2 you pay R200✔

Sponsor 3 you pay R200
Once they have verified you then you will get your referral link and then you can choose from 4 packages to invest on
Plan one 15 days 40% growth
Plan two 30 days 60% growth
Plan four 45 days 80% growth
Plan five 60 days 100%growth

Minimum to start is R300
Maximum is R50,000

It does not compound, you get 10% direct referrals
Once you have referred more than 20 active members you get referral structure and able to earn from
Level 1=10%
Level 2=4%
Level 3=2%
And Bonus of R1000
There are random weekly bonuses for top recruiters
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