Working when it’s asked (most of the time from “9-5” or whatever the working schedule you have), taking meal breaks when it’s asked, having limited vacation (sometimes you still need to check mails during your vacation or, even worse, actually it is expected you to check mails) and only with approval and get a payment which is also limited. Even today I remember a true story with a conference call when the Global HR was very specific in mentioning that the point of company compensation is not for the expats to get rich. Nice, right? Imagine if people get rich and leave companies to live their own life the way they want. This is bad, right? The best for most companies is people to work hard and get paid just enough not to leave. So it is OK that the CEO makes few good million $ / year (something like the entire annual profit of an average market they have in portfolio) but the employees shouldn’t get rich … Go on click here
and have a look for yourself – it is public, so enjoy 🙂

You hear quite a lot and also often about restructuring, lay-offs or whatever names different companies used for firing people to “better manage the P&L” and make the organization leaner and more agile. Do you hear as often also that the global management decided to reduce their packages in order to fuel the company growth? Companies who do not value their people shouldn’t expect to be valued by their employees!

Most statistics say 7% of the world population is rich and the other 93% works for them. If we look in most iconic biographies of people belonging to the “7%”, you’ll almost never hear the common story / advice of “go to school, get good grades in order to get a good job, get married, buy a house and a family car, make kids, pay your bills, retire and die”. So what should be the purpose of doing all these? Because “everybody else is doing the same”? This is not a smart reason, from my point of view. So again, all these without a meaningful purpose… ? If this is your purpose and not happiness, like it is greatly visualised in the picture I used, you are (metaphorically) already dead but you just wait for the certificate – metaphorically speaking 🙂

If you really want to get free, you must do what free people do.

I understand that we all need to do what we have to do until we can do what we want to do but, if it is not clear what we want to do, we will do what other people are telling us to do: “go to school, get good grades …”  and we will never get out from the 93%. And if we teach our children the same scenario, guess in what category they will most probably land? “93” or “7%”?

If you do not plan your future, others will plan it for you. And guess what they will plan for you? Not much …

I like so much the picture I used for this article because it explains perfect where some people are heading “to be free”.

If this slogan ever worked, it is not working anymore. If you do what most people do, you’ll have most people have. This slogan of “go to school, get a job, …” is like a bible for 93% of people so, by following it, you cannot land on the “7%” category.

The hardest part is not to understand that you shouldn’t follow this scenario. The hardest part is actually to do it – get out from this scenario after years of hearing it around and seeing it around.

Wouldn’t be nice to earn enough so you can work only when you want, to travel where you want and to have the life style you want together with your loved ones? What most people will say about it? – it is impossible! And because it’s impossible, what they will do about it? Nothing!

You know that electricity didn’t appear from constant improvement of the candle.

But what we cannot imagine we will never have. So learn to dream BIG and you’ll see that what for other people it will look like magic, for you will be a reality.

If you are not the brave type which leave everything and start confidently something new when he/she see that the old you will not bring you where you want, at leaststart in your part time until you develop the second income stream which one day will grow bigger than your previous main income stream – that’s the time you should say GOOD BYE to the old you and say HELLO to the new you.

All the very best, until next time


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