​Let me start by helping the person who thinks Grow Big Corporation is a scam or ibhanoyi

1. When it comes to a pyramid scheme,  payment is done by another individual. The reason you seen Grow Big Corporation on your bank notifications when you receive payment is because you are paid by the company. 

2. Grow Big has courier service. There’s no pyramid scheme that has courier services that delivers the product at your doorstep

3. Grow Big Corporation has it’s own company bank account.  In every pyramid scheme, you deposit the money into an account of a person you don’t know. 

4. Wandi Goliath is here with us,we interact with him.  The founders of pyramid schemes are always not known. 

5. Grow Big Corporation has very responsive support.  With pyramid schemes, the support email is always there but not responsive

6. Telephone number, Fax number, Grow Big Corporation has these. When it comes to pyramid schemes, all of the above is nonexistent.  

7. Grow Big Corporation will give you a call when they are on their way to deliver your book. A pyramid scheme doesn’t even have a landline. 

8. Grow Big Corporation has an office in Gauteng.

Good News!!

 we are paying extra bonuses for peopl who have qualified within the stipulated period.

Many people have achieved 

Level 2 – R500 (16ppl)

Level 3 – R1000 (64ppl)

Level 4 – R5000 (256ppl)

There are qualifiers for the above.

No qualifiers yet for the below

Level 5 – Overseas Trip for 2 (1024 ppl) 

Level 6 – R100 000

Level 7 – C200 Mercedes-Benz 

You can do this


We are opening a Distribution Centre in the next 2 weeks in Cape Town. It will be run by a Call Centre, that has just signed up in the business, operated by Ivan Burrows.

The business is moving with speed don’t be left behind, or your friends will be signed  up by others

All the best networks


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