​*My personal tips on Recruiting* 

▶ Recruiting simply means Inviting. Nothing more, nothing less. Some people will accept your invitation, and some won’t. It is life. 

▶ To make sure a person will accept your Invitation, first establish a TRUST RELATIONSHIP with such person. 

▶ Don’t brag, make false claims about the opportunity or force anyone to join. 

▶ We all have plenty of whatsapp contacts. Approach them by sending a message: first GREETING, make it personal. Ask: “How are you today?”

Add something like: “We were both in that group that collapsed”. 

▶ After this person has replied, ask: “Did you find any other opportunity to earn an extra income?”

▶ If the person replies: “No”, ask if you can show them another opportunity. Offer the solution. 

▶ Take your time, to show that you CARE. You are not in this business to earn commission for yourself. Network Marketing is about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE as well. 

▶ Network Marketing is smart work, not hard work. Each person must Invite 4 or a little more. It is not expected to recruit 200 people all on your own. 

▶ After a person has joined, teach him/ her this same, simple principal. 

▶ To just copy and paste a Presentation to 500 people, is not recruiting at all. It is called Spamming. Those people did not give you permission to send you the business opportunity. You will have very little success doing so. You will only waist your time. 

Hope this will serve as a guideline.


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