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Our Story

Founded in South Africa, Open Field chicken is South Africa’s first biggest black female owned poultry house growing and supplying wholesalers and major distributors of all poultry products. Open Field started from just 1000 chickens in 2015 as a co-operative and later change to a private company ( Pty ) LTD and grew to create a national footprint across South Africa with farms in Wasbank, PMB , Nquthu and Estcourt in Kwa Zulu Natal

Our latest strategy which is aimed at addressing the national crisis of locally produced chicken includes embarking on a mass crowd farm model which will allow individuals to invest on day old chicks, feed and in return get profits from little to no more commitment.

Invest on a Chick

Invest as little as R35.00 for a day old chick which includes vaccination, Feed for 56 days, Slaughter and packaging before distribution to wholesalers

For 56 days, the chick will stay in our care, as we grow it; ensure its health and add only R5.50 when we sell it to wholesales and our distributors on your behalf.

Ways to earn

Crowd Farming Options

While you can invest as little as R35 with no limit, we illustrate below of returns which one can enjoy in just 57 days from your first purchase and investment in our investment model.

(Basic Solution)
Day Old chick 1
Return R54.00
Profits R19.00
Service Fee -R5.50
Payable R48.50

56 Days
Day Old chicks 10
Return R540.00
Profit R190.00
Service Fee R55.00
Payable R485.00

(advance solution)
Day Old chicks 100
Return R5400.00
Profits R1900.00
Service Fee R550.00
Payable R4850.00

(Masters Solution)
Day Old chicks 1000
Return R54 000.00
Profits R19 000.00
Service Fee -R5 500.00
Payable R48 500.00

2. *Referral commission 10%*

Meaning if you refer someone and they invest in 100 chicks( R3500) you as the recruiter will get R350

To register use the link below 


Place order ,
You will receive invoice with payment details

Use your *order number* on invoice as reference when making payment



A. 1 chicken is R35 u will earn R0.96 daily
B. 5 checkens is R175 u will earn R4,4 daily
C. 10 chickens is R350 u will earn R9,6 daily
D. 15 chickens is R525 u will earn R14,4 daily
E. 20 chickens is R700 u will earn R19,4 daily
F. 50 chickens is R1,750 and u will earn R48 daily
G. 100 chickens is R3500 and u will earn R96 daily.

WhatsApp or call 0743152879 for further assistance


I need investors who can afford R35 or more but investment is starting from R35

Drop your WhatsApp number if you are a good investor

Or use the link to sign up then for further questions please WhatsApp 0729385006


After making an order please send proof of payment to this business number on WhatsApp with your order number on it: (0715969576)

Do not use number for questions kindly use my WhatsApp number above

You only invest on the day old chick 🐣🐤 and get paid for it for 56 days depending on how much you Invested.


Don’t forget to WhatsApp me for more information 0743152879



Affiliate Program Get Money from your Website

If you want get profit from risk-free investments you are at the right place.

If you want get profit from risk-free investments you are at the right place.

Our average investor received monthly 149% ROI. That means if you make $100.00 investment you can cash-out $149.00 after 30 days.

  • Yield calculation: Everyday.
All your investments are insured.All your information is strictly confidential. We do not disclose your personal information to anybody.Minimum investment $3.00

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1. Select Shares To Buy

Here you have unique opportunity to buy shares of Internet companies and make profit from fastest growing businesses.

All our issuers have obligation to pay dividends for first year regardless their financial situation that your investments are 100% secured.

Each share has its own dividend and it is paid on the daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Your income includes dividends and growing price of shares.

To purchase a share click on the All Projects under the Projects menu, select a share that you are willing to buy and click the Buy button.

You can make payment via Visa, Master CardPaypalPerfect MoneyBitcoin or Litecoin.

Immediately after your payment your balance will be increased, and during the short time the purchased share/shares will be transferred to your ownership.

2. Start Receiving Profit

You receive money as dividends (the amount depends on the share). Also the cost of share grows itself and you can sell share for the much more higher price.

3. Selling Shares

To sell your shares click on the My Shares under the Projects menu, select a share and click the Sell button. Then specify the amount you want to receive for each share, and enter the number of shares that you want to sell.

If you want to sell your shares quick you have to specify the less price. The shares which have less price will be sold first.

Also the time where your shares on sale before they are actualy sold depends on the activity on market. If market is slow and there are no users willing to buy your shares you will wait longer.

4. Cash Out

As soon as you have minimum withdrawal amount ($7.00) on your balance you can make payout to your PaypalPerfect MoneyBitcoin or Litecoin account.

Click on the Cash-Out from the top menu, enter amount to withdraw, and click on the Withdrawbutton.

Usually the withdrawal takes 2 – 3 business days.

Affiliate Program Get Money from your Website




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